Wear more of what you love...

VeeV combines tech + style to visually search and manage your wardrobe. Snap, scan and let VeeV find what you're looking for. Get the most out of your wardrobe and wear more of what you love.

Visual Search

Snap a picture and VeeV's visual search will scan for matching clothing you own.

Create Outfits

Pull together multiple outfits in 'Events' with items from your VeeV Collection or phone's gallery. Get styled in more of you love.

1 app for all your devices

Access your entire collection from any iOS or Android phone & tablet that has the VeeV app installed. Anytime, anywhere!

Green Fashion

Declutter your wardrobe responsibly with the 'Donate' feature. Green is the new Black!

Lightweight App

Store all your outfit images on VeeV and free up your phone's storage.

VeeV, the style app with visual search. Snap, scan and wear more of what you love!

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