Vimsel® Visual Image Selection for Developers

One of the fastest in the industry…

Vimsel® Visual Image Selection has the ability to automatically understand any image based on visual elements and patterns. Applying machine learning to image recognition, Vimsel® Visual Image Selection is helping people understand and manage their visual media.


Applications for VIMSEL visual recognition : Fashion, Digital Radiology, Digital Histology, Print GraphicsApplications

Fashion     ○     Digital Radiology    ○     Digital Histology    ○     Art Prints


Benefits of this API

Deep neural networks scale to billions of parameters giving them capacity to learn highly complex concepts and thousands of categories. With modern hardware and abundance of data we are able to train larger and more powerful networks.

A trained model stores its knowledge compactly in learned parameters, making it easy to deploy in any environment. There is no need to store any additional data to make predictions for new inputs. This means that we can easily use them on embedded devices and provide responses in milliseconds.


Vimsel® Visual Image Selection. U.S. Patent Pending