Getting the most out of your wardrobe

[With a collective value of $2,000 or more, our wardrobe is really one of the most expensive things we own. So why do we still feel like we have nothing to wear? Honest truth: to get the most out of what we own is really no mean feat!] Our business intern Sunita is college bound and shares a few of her own great tips for wardrobe management. If you’re a neat freak like me and your closet is the one thing in your life that’s actually together, avoiding repeated outfits will be easy. For those of you who have everything together except

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Spice Girls Skin Care Hacks

We each have unique skin, which reacts to our different lifestyle choices. Whether you’re always on the go or relaxing in the sun, there are special ways to keep your skin happy and healthy. Inspired by the iconic 90s girl group, we’ve assembled a list of the best ways to keep your skin healthy according to the Spice Girl you identify with most. So Spice Up Your Life, say Goodbye to your old skin care routines and may your gorgeous skin Viva Forever. 5 skin care hacks inspired by the iconic 90s girl group Spice Girls   Scary Spice Glitter Tip Intense glamorous

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4 Ways You Can Go Vegan with Your Bags

Vegan Bags? ‘Vegansim’ has risen in popularity recently as more and more people become knowledgeable about the moral implications of animal cruelty. If you’ve taken the first step and changed your dietary habits, what about your clothes, shoes, and accessories? Millions of animals are tortured and killed all around the world for cosmetic testing and fashion production. You don’t need to sacrifice your style while avoiding sacrificing the lives of animals. There are several designers out there who are dedicated to produce 100% vegan fashion items at a reasonable cost. In this post of the VeeV Blog, here are 4 ways to go vegan with

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