Green Fashion

Just how chic can vegan leather accessories be? Sica Schmitz, sustainable stylist and owner of Bead & Reel leads the way.

[ Sica Schmitz, LA-based sustainable stylist and owner of ethical boutique Bead & Reel ] Q: People think that vegan fashion is all about looking hippy. Going on to your site, I think people would be surprised to find these lace-up booties and dress heels handcrafted in Spain (pic: right) that aren’t leather 😮. Sica: Vegan fashion has definitely come a long way! Whatever your personal style, there are definitely beautiful vegan options available these days in a wide range of aesthetics and price points. The women who shop with me are metropolitan, modern, and chic – all without animal products or sweatshops.

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Spanish sustainable designer Olga gets crafty with upcycling and green design details

Not all clothing is made equal. In this style chat, Olga Iriépar Garcìa, sustainable fashion designer and owner of Spanish eco-label A Pompidou, shares with us the sustainable pieces of clothing created in her very own atelier, and how to make a difference with the little details that go in to each step of designing an eco-friendly piece of clothing. [Spanish sustainable designer Olga working on the Tulipán dress in her atelier] Q: The logo of A Pompidou looks like a cat. Does the name and logo have any hidden connection with green fashion? Olga: I didn’t choose the cat on purpose as a

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4 Ways You Can Go Vegan with Your Bags

Vegan Bags? ‘Vegansim’ has risen in popularity recently as more and more people become knowledgeable about the moral implications of animal cruelty. If you’ve taken the first step and changed your dietary habits, what about your clothes, shoes, and accessories? Millions of animals are tortured and killed all around the world for cosmetic testing and fashion production. You don’t need to sacrifice your style while avoiding sacrificing the lives of animals. There are several designers out there who are dedicated to produce 100% vegan fashion items at a reasonable cost. In this post of the VeeV Blog, here are 4 ways to go vegan with

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