A style chat with fashion entrepreneur
Megan Moran of The Style Foundry

Hi Megan, glad to have you on board the VeeV blog for a quick session. Let’s start from the fashion scene of your hometown, the beautiful waterfront city of Cleveland, Ohio: does it jive of a certain flavor when it comes to fashion? Megan: When it comes to fashion, Cleveland is all about being down to earth. Everyone has their own unique style that is also practical to wear everyday. You won’t often see the more artistic or crazy looks that you’d see in New York, but instead will see classic and comfortable pieces. [Megan of The Style Foundry also

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An American Stylist in Paris

Paris is the center of the universe; well at least for those in the fashion industry. A day in the life of a fashion stylist can be both glamorous, but yet exhausting. From roaming the streets of Paris and drawing inspiration from the fashionable people gallivanting down Champs-Élysées, to taking a tour of the famous Musée du Louvre looking at art works painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, the fashion capital of the world offers grand opportunities to get your creative juices flowing by providing excellent services to your clients. During the day, I worked as a sales associate at Rick

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